Poaching is wreaking havoc in Albania, no reaction from the ministry and the responsible institutions

AOS has been observing with great concern the alarming rise of poaching incidents during the month of August. Cases such as the luring (through the usage of electronic calling devices) and killing of the Common Quail in the Western Lowlands, the killing of the European Roller, the killing of numerous flocks of Eurasian Golden Oriole, etc, have been published in various wildlife and hunting related social media outlets.

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Mokoš, the Griffon vulture, returns to the wilderness

The release of the bird took place on the morning of August 14, 2020 in Drino Valley. After the discussion with Croatian experts, we decided to release it in Drino valley due to its proximity to Greece where a colony of Griffon Vultures is located. From there Mokoš can join more quickly with other individuals of his own species. Besides, the Drino Valley and the Vjosa Valley are preferred habitats for vultures, especially the Egyptian Vulture.

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The recovered Stork returns to the wild

If we look back at the time of its rescue, the Stork was in poor shape, weakened and frail from the lack of food. In the rehabilitation center, the Stork not only found a safe space but also the necessary food and nutrients for it to reach an optimal weight.

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