This is the newest bird species of Albania!!!

Since 2006 this species has been added to the Phylloscopus genius due to the similar morphological feature with other Phylloscopus species. Similar to Regulus species, this warbler has a prominent yellow-crested line. In many places, he is called the Pallas’s Leaf-warbler in honor of German zoologist Peter Simon Pallas who was the first researcher to describe the species.

Pallas’s Leaf-warbler is one of the smallest Eurasian warblers. It has relatively large head and short tail. It is greenish, yellow rump, and two yellow wing bars as shown in the pictures below.

This bird nests in mountain forests from southern Siberia and east to northern Mongolia and northeast China. It is a genuine migratory wintering species in southern China, northern Thailand, Laos, northern Vietnam, etc as shown on the map. Despite its eastern distribution, the Pallas’s Leaf-warbler is regularly but rarely observed in Europe.

Distribution range of Pallas’s Leaf-warbler (Phylloscopus proregulus)

Yellow- breeding area / Blue – wintering area / Green – Passage area

This is the first record of the Pallas’s Leaf-warbler in Albania. We are grateful to Mr. Ymer Qosja who kindly shared this finding with us and the Electronic Register of Species of Albania.

This is another wonderful news for the ornitofauna of Albania!

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