Working Meeting: Pesticides and VMP legislation analysis.

Pesticides and Veterinary Medical Products (VMP) could be rather dangerous for wildlife if they are not used appropriately or if they fall in wrong hands and used for intentional poisoning. The intensification of livestock breeding dictates an ever-growing need for antibiotics (+other VMP products) for the animals; their regular reception weakens the immune system of the vultures and can lead to their death.

Wildlife poisoning phenomenon in Albania has been revealed recently as a potential threat to wild fauna. Nature conservation institutions in Albania have unfortunately not perceived poisoning as a strong and damaging factor for wildlife. The team at Albanian Ornithological Society (AOS), within the scope of “Balkan Anti-Poisoning Project” has conducted several field-visit to investigate wildlife poisoning phenomenon. The evidence provided through interviews with shepherds, farmers, agricultural pharmacies, veterinarians and other interested stakeholders have shown that circa 20% of the interviews people have either used poison baits or they know other people have used it. Our conviction is that this phenomenon is more widespread as above.

Following our efforts to tackle wildlife poisoning in Albania, last week, a working meeting took place in both North Macedonia and Albania, among the Bulgarian Society for Protection of Birds (BSPB), the Macedonian Ecological Society (MES), the Albanian Ornithological Society (AOS) and Association for the Protection and Preservation of Natural Environment in Albania (PPNEA).

The main aim of the meeting consisted of analyzing the national legislation on Pesticides and Veterinary Medicinal Products. Moreover, these three days of great work will provide an analysis report that will further boost our understanding of how to tackle wildlife poisoning in Albania.

Anti-poisoning in Albania is a work in progress and we believe that we are in the right track.

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